Can I get in trouble for an unsolicited photo?

Last night I was chatting to someone in a chat room who claimed she was 38yrs old. She sent a link. When I clicked on it nothing opened. I was not comfortable with the chat and immediately closed the chat room window. I was still bothered so after a few minutes it occurred to me to go to my download folder and there was a gif I had never seen before. It was a gif of what seemed like an under aged girl, scantily clothed and dancing. I immediately deleted the photo. The photo itself was not porn but it was in poor taste and my concern is that it was on some kind of CP website.

1 Answer

  • Tantra
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    If you still have the link go to your local police website and report the link via the online crime site. Just cover yourself and fill out the form.

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