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What do you think of an Army general being denied permission to enter US?

recently there was a big fuss about an army general from Indo-nesia being denied passage to enter the US soil.

the reason is unknown.....

PS: a good way to tell those people they do not own the world... and to give tolerant to non-muslim in their country.


@douglas: have you been to Bali, dummy? Hindus mostly. Have you been to East Timor, dummy? Catholics mostly. have you been to Medan, dummy? Christian mostly.... so who's the dummy ignorant brat? muslim the majority.... it DEPENDS on the region of the country.

Update 2:

And Douglas, if you are a muslim, well your religion is not HUGELY worshiped by about 90% of the world population. The majority of people are Christian now.... even about 50% of Koreans are christians. About 20% of chinese on China are christians. Then do not forget Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil.....

even Some Saudis are christians.....

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    The fact that he's an army general in Indonesia does not give him some moral right to enter the US. I don't care what he is. If the authorities felt he shouldn't be allowed entry, they presumably had a solid reason at the time. If it was a mistake and they apologized, well and good, but again, the mere fact of his being an army general didn't give him an automatic right to entry.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Indonesia is HUGELY Muslim, dummy.

  • 3 years ago

    As you can see here someone at US visa department screwed up.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    He may be a persona non grata.

    This happens in every country. It's all Politics - nothing personal.

    In the USA, we have "Grounds of Inadmissibility for Entering United States" in the book. Google it for more info ✌️.

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