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Get A Job In UK And Settle There Permanently?

(Under age of 18) Can I get a permit for working and studying in UK and then when I get to the Legal Age(get an unmarried partner) or Time (5 years) that is can I apply for permanent settlement in UK ??

If no, how can I?

If yes , what procedure do I have to follow or papers to sign(A guide would be helpful)

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    As an EEA citizen - just go there

    you would need a Degree (at least), and a specialist skill with experience, that a UK company cannot find in the UK (shortage of available people with those skills).

    There are many Indian tech people coming in via agencies such as TechMahindra and Wipro etc... and working for large (and small) companies.

    Of course, you could also meet someone and marry them.

    AND providing they have a high enough income (usually a degree level job ) then they can sponsor your Spouse visa. - marriage alone is not enough.

    So go find an international company, work for a few years and see if international transfer opportunities exist.

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    As a minor you can't m move to the UK on your own; and can only study in the UK without your entire family moving on a student visa at a private boarding school. Student visas don't count towards residency requirements.

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    what country ... you need a minimum high end degree and 5 years experience to start

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    To get a student visa you need to pay international fees, you will need to find a boarding school if you are under 18 as no one will rent to an under 18 yr old, then you can get a student visa and they are non immigration, so finish studying and you go home, you have no right to remain and 'getting a British partner' will make no difference what so ever, you are not staying based on that

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    You cannot settle in the UK just by remaining in the country for 5 years. There are strict rules and regulations to follow and applications for visas and the right to remain in the UK depend on your current nationality and what status you have that allows you to be in the UK at the moment. You need to look at all the various types of immigration visas available and the criteria you need for each. You will find all the information you need on the UKBA Home Office website. I have posted a link.

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