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Similarities and differences between Al Shabaab and Boko Haram?

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  • larry1
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    3 years ago
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    Lots of similarities not much differences.

    Similarities....They're both totally fake on ideology/ philosophy because they don't have any. No aims, no goals, no beliefs...they're both savage pirate, drug cartel, organized crime terror groups.

    They're both Muslim.

    They're both all black African.

    They're both primitive, anti intellectual, uneducated, 1/2 or less civilized.

    They both use drugs a lot and deal in them.

    Their crimes are the same...looting, raping, torturing, murdering, maiming, extortion, kidnapping, beheadings, slavery, smuggling, poaching.

    They both want...drugs, guns, power, bling, money, women and children for slaves.

    Both have pledged themselves (unasked) to the hideous Mideast Muslim ISIL world terror group.

    Both hide in wooded/ rocky/desert terrain, both use guerilla warfare tactics, terrorist atrocities, human shields, and especially local bribes/ corruption for power/ territory.


    Al Shabaab is close to a sea coast so engages in piracy at sea on top of the other crimes. Al Shabaab is a little more sophisticated and part educated being near the sea/ trade and the real world, but therefore also more crazy on drugs.

    Boko Harem is landlocked in jungle and desert more primitive/ less sophisticated, behaves if the year was 1017 instead of 2017.

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    both are organizations are full of deluded fools

  • Cymry
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    3 years ago

    Al Shabaab probably came into being through recent repeated 'western' steered intervention on the Middle East and surrounding areas.

    When the British decided to grab a bit of West Africa and call everything south of the River Niger theirs, they took no account of the fact that, although the southern portion might have adhered to ancient tribal religions, the north had already become Muslim. What the hell! Send in the Christian missionaries anyway and convert the lot of them, sometimes using, let's say, coercion.

  • 3 years ago

    Same **** different location.

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