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I'm not sure what to do?

Today my teacher accused me of plagiarism out of no where. She said my essay had two exact paragraphs from someone who turned it in earlier then me. She kept telling me to be honest and I said something along the lines that I wasn't going to confess to something I didn't do. My essay was all written by me. But turns out that my friend has my login info into my google docs and he copied and pasted what I supposedly plagiarized. I had no idea that he copied my essay until she accused me of it. She talked to him and said he will get in a F but I won't because he confessed. I'm feel like I'm going to feel uncomfortable in her classroom. It's literally my first time being accused of such a thing. Also I'm in high school if that helps.

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    You are fine. Your "friend" confessed, he is at fault, and he suffered the consequences of his actions.

    Learn something, change your login and don't share it. Be thankful your teacher was honest and took the time to investigate. BTW, you friend is a moron, he didn't even take the time to edit your words.

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    If teacher proved your innocence, teacher now knows you to be an honest person and will respect you for it. You should fare well.

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    Slap your teacher

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