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Who should I start in my Yahoo! Fantasy Football team this week?

Hi everyone,

I play Fantasy Football from Yahoo! Sports. As commissioner, I’m 2-4, but I’m the best team in the league out of all of the “losing-record” teams. I should be 4-2 if I didn’t bench certain players on 2 specific weeks. I am also managing another team that was abandoned 2 weeks ago, but that team is going nowhere being at 1-5. I’m thinking that my original team, the 2-4 team can turn the season around and be one of the 8 teams to make the playoffs after 14 weeks are done. Week 7 will conclude halfway of the “regular” season for me and I want to make a statement this week against this 5-1 team, who almost went 6-0. I’m going to list the players I have my team, which includes the offense and defensive. I want your advice on who I should start based on the players I’ll mention below on who have the best chance on winning against this 5-1 team mentioned above.



- QBs: Tom Brady and Marcus Mariota (1 QB starting)

- WRs: Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Mike Wallace, and Sterling Shepherd (2 WRs starting)

- RBs: Mike Gillislee, Dion Lewis, Wendell Smallwood, and Orleans Darkwa (2 RBs starting)

- TEs: A.J. Derby and Ryan Griffin (1 TE starting)

- K: Cody Parker (My lone kicker that I'm starting obviously, who doesn't have a bye week)

Update 2:


- Defense/Special Teams: Baltimore and New England (1 Defense/Special Teams starting)

- D: Karl Joseph (1 D that I'm starting)

- LBs: Lavonte Davis and Benardrick McKinney (1 LB starting)

- DTs: Ndamukong Suh and Star Lotulelei (1 DT starting)

- DEs: Joey Bosa and Michael Bennett (1 DE starting)

- CBs: Jason McCourty and Vernon Hargreaves III (1 CB starting)

- S: Harrison Smith (1 S that I'm starting)

The D and S player will change when they go on their respective bye weeks.

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    Hill, Cooper

    Darkwa, Smallwood (if he plays, otherwise Gillislee)

    Derby (Griffin is on a bye week)


    Other than Brady, you shouldn't count on a big week out of any of these players.

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      Looks like you were right about Cooper. I had him in the lineup, but then I benched him again Wednesday evening because I thought it was too soon for him to break out, especially for the fact that Derek Care was still banged up, but looks like Amari Cooper is back from here on out!

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      What about everybody else?

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    The question needs focus -- the answer is simple: don't be that guy who tanks, especially since you have two teams and may be able to manipulate the standings by sometimes playing to win, other times playing not to win.

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      Obviously if I'm my 1-5 can turn the season around as well, that would be great, but in the NFL, we know being 2 games down is more common for teams to come back and turn their season around, sometimes even 3 games down, but 4 games down is really rare though.

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