Tricky Math ++20 points BONUS?

A tower AB is observed two points P,Q in the same horizontal plane as B, the foot of the tower. The length PQ=375m, and the angles BPQ, BQP,APB are 58°, 44°30', 26°34' respectively.

Find the height of the tower to the nearest meter.


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Update 2:

Only cleverer no needs sketch can answer!!! Cheers!!!

Update 3:

ans: 120m

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  • Aditya
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    2 years ago
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    Answer = 134.64 m

    Approach: I should have either the length of side PB or BQ so that after this I can use

    tangent (angle) = Perpendicular/Base

    where Base can be either PB or PQ and perpendicular is simply the height h of tower AB

    In question I have the angle for left hand side right angle triangle i.e. 26 deg 34' so I mainly focus on how to find side PB

    Use sine law to find side PB

    Picture: If it is not clear then click the source

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