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Stop taking antibiotics for pneumonia? Or what to do?

I got diagnosed with pneumonia and I was put on antibiotics for it. I was on 2 other full course of antibiotics and got 2 shots. I was allergic to one of the antibiotics and to the 2 shots and I got another X-ray and still have the pneumonia even after the 2nd antibiotic course, it improved some but not really improve much. I got put on Levaquin now but I’m allergic to cipro and that’s in the same family tree and he knew that but he’s like let’s try it, but I’ve heard such bad reviews about it in general and FDA put a warning out on it, plus I might be allergic and he mentioned it might be viral and we wouldn’t know becuase we didn’t do a cultural test and it’s too late now becuase I took antibiotics so it wouldn’t show. But I also have had this for quite some time now about a month I’d say and didn’t catch it until a couple weeks ago. I don’t want to risk taking such a powerful drug that causes many to be in pain if it’s not worth it and I’ve gave up on even trying to fix it. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I’m startig to wonder if I should just wait and see if it gets worse or better and if worse then check myself into hosipits or what? Thoughts?

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    Cipro and Levaquin are slightly different antigenically where one can be allergic to one but not the other. That is true with me.

    If you are concerned about the diagnosis then have an infectious disease consultation. Antibiotics won't work on viruses and fungi but those are usually considered clinically based on symptoms and antibiotic failures but that is questionable based on the sketchy history.

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