Laptop/Notebook suggestions?

so im thinking about a new or used laptop so i can throw in my backpack and take to lectures, work, park etc. i have an okay-ish desktop which runs most of the games i want so thats my main pc. this laptops main purpose would be internet surfing video watching (preferably HD at the least) and probably some word-office apps. games would be nice but not needed. not looking to go over £300 but would definitely want to spend as little as possible as its not something i really need.



forgot to mention, i want a small laptop but not tiny as im a big guy and a small keyboard wouldnt work

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I dunno, most any laptop with up to date specs will do that ...personally I think a smartphone with maybe a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse might be the way to go these days ..much easier and compact transport ..

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