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Legal Advice in Selling T-Shirts?

I edited a picture of my cat with the online app PicMonkey. I used the bokeh and galaxy filters. I thought it was so cute and I think it'd make a good t-shirt that some people may want to buy. However, my boyfriend says that a.) I can't use the picture because of copyrights on the filters and b.) the idea of a cat in space/being surrounded by stars/galaxy is also copyright. Does anyone have any idea if I could safely sell my t-shirts without worrying about being sued?

The only things used in my pictures were the original picture I took myself and the filters on picmonkey.

PicMonkey legal stuff: (I read through this but I don't even begin to understand legal stuff)

Picture ~kinda~ similar to the one I made:

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    The galaxy filter might be a problem, the bokeh is not.

    If there is an image in that galaxy filter (and it seems like there is) you might want to remove it and do your tshirt without it. The TOS indicates images within filters are copyright protected.

    You might be able to find some free stock images and use them instead, but carefully review the TOS on those. Commercial use may be prohibited.

    Or you can shoot one of your own. Galaxy filter is just an image of the stars (galaxy) with the opacity reduced from 100% to say 50% or graduated so it fades out on one end. You would need a real camera, tripod, and the knowledge of how to use them. Might just lead you to a new set of skills.

    An idea is not copyrightable, so no problem there.

    Boyfriends aren't always a great source of legal advice, but this time he was 1/2 right.

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    Just make a couple of shirts and sell to friends. If people ask for more then print as needed. Charge minimally as much as you can, just the cost of the shirt, the ink and a little portion for your printer and time. Try to stay under the radar. If you go big, city hall will take notice and shut you down.

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    Contact an attorney.

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