Can somebody help solve what s wrong with monitor?

So, a few days ago my monitor started flickering faintly out of the blue. It doesn t flicker from color to color, but it s very faint and subtle. Not entirely sure how to explain the flickering itself.

It s an LED monitor that uses HDMI. - I tried to switch the HDMI cable to a seperate one and the problem remained.

The flickering is on and off. It starts happening for a little, then it stops. It happens when I fullscreen certain tabs and stops when I window them. What the hell is this?

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  • 2 years ago
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    monitors do not last forever. yours may be dying. how old is it and what brand/model??

    • brian2 years agoReport

      Best I could say is that it's a Sceptre 16:9 and it's around 2.8 years old. Video card would be a GTX 970 that has lived for the same length. Windows 10.

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