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Does Emma Thompson deserve her career?

Her father was actor Eric Thompson (narrator of Magic Roundabout) and her mother is actress Phyllida Law (Emma, Miss Potter). Is her career a product of nepotism?

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  • Anonymous
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    Yeah many actors had parents also in the business

  • Hazard
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    I mean, nepotism is everywhere, to a greater or lesser extent. The word 'Deserve' strikes me as odd though - Did you 'deserve' your childhood house just because your parents where able to buy it. Did I 'deserve' my first high-school job because my parents where able to live in a neighbourhood where we had an huge shopping mall?

    Sure, nepotism will get your foot in the door, but looking over her career she seems to have pulled her weight and shown her worth as a decent actor. I'd be concerned about nepotism if she was terrible, but only kept getting roles because of her family, instead of her own credentials. Just like I would have never kept my stockroom job if I hadn't been able to lift and sort boxes in -20C temperature.

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