what does it mean it says in transit??

i have a package being shipped with FedEx with usps being utilized for the last final delivery that i have been waiting for 2 damn weeks for FedEx to get their **** together because FedEx said my package was scheduled for delivery on Wednesday october the 11th well i checked and tracked my package and so far this is my package s journey Colorado to Missouri to dalton Ga which is 2 hours and 15 minutes from my house then to Kennesaw Ga which happens to be 56 minutes from my house to North Carolina Back to Doraville GA where it says in Transit since 1:05 pm today well keep in mind adding fuel to the fire i m so damn screwed righ now because i have the iphone 6 (S) and so my dad told me that before i even touch my ihone 6 (S) i need a case on it so i bought a call of duty otterbox defender series for my iphone 6 S well Fedex said that is going to come tommorow and i returned my other otterbox case i had on my iphone 6 S back to Walmart so now what i want to know is will it come tomorrow FOR GOD SAKE and what does it mean since Doraville GA is 37 minutes from my house. does it mean it will come tomorrow as scheduled what does in transit it means because im in DIRE NEED of this package as i have possibly might be out of town Sunday to pick apples and and go on a hayride so again im in DIRE NEED of this package also keep in mind i have my iphone 6 S in the box it came from apple. so what does it mean that my package is in transit and its in Doraville GA 37 minutes from my HOUSE!!


the expected delivery day is 7 to 14 days and i bought this package on Monday October the 2nd and was shipped out Monday October 2nd at 9:51 pm so its been 12 days. God Forbid i wait until Monday because FedEx ca't get Their SHT together yes i understand they have billions of packages to process and deliver every day so again what does it mean now that its in transit at Doraville GA does it mean that it is going to come tomorrow if it arrives at usps TONIGHT???

Update 2:

or am i screwed until Monday???

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    2 years ago
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    Feel better after getting that out of your system?

    FedEx, USPS, and every other parcel handler makes mistakes. Your parcel is only two days late.

    It's entirely possible to go on a hay ride and to pick apples without a smartphone. I know, that sounds impossible, but it's true!

    Edit in response to your edit: Are you sure it said 7 to 14 days, or was it 7 to 14 *business* days? Business days are Monday through Friday, so 7 days after your order October 2 makes the earliest delivery October 12 (because the 9th was a federal holiday) and 14 business days would be October 23. Check to be sure exactly what it said about delivery times. It's possible you're the one making incorrect assumptions and the company is doing exactly what it said it would.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    It arrives Tuesday

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