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Do Christians have any proof evolution is false?

You made the claim evolution isn't real.

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  • Charlz
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    3 years ago

    They claim to, but its mainly straw man attacks and misinterpretations.

  • 3 years ago

    Their hallucinations.

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    Evolution? No. Atheistic evolution? Yes. It's called entropy.

    All systems that are not maintained degrade and fail with time. It's a law of nature. Life is no exception. How could life have persisted for billions of years without God's intervention? We can see how our species has declined since the days of homo erectus.

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  • Science claims everything started from a single cell, proving it lies with the believers in that claim and how is it possible to prove that when so much is missing from the fossil record?

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    If you like proving negatives prove God isn't real.

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    "Do Christians have any proof evolution is false?"

    What they do is this: "Complexity therefore the magic man did it, and therefore evolution is wrong."

    That's all they got. Evolution deniers (aka creationists because they think millions of species were magically created out of nothing) are uneducated morons.

    Please check out the source. I wrote tons of stuff about this subject.

  • David
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    3 years ago

    If you actually understood science you would know that proof applies in philosophy and math - not science. Your use of 'proof' makes your pedigree as a scientist questionable.

    What you are looking for is empirical evidence. That may be a new idea to most atheists, so define your terms. Empirical evidence is how we "know" something with a very high probability, by the integrity and detail of the evidence in truth of fact.

    If the atheist is right, and there is no absolute truth, science could discover nothing. But the atheist is a delusional nutjob denier with an irrational position that he cannot possibly quantify as true w/o using logical fallacy and circular reasoning. This pariah of society has no responsibility to truth and so is untrustworthy.

    Empirical Evidence against evolution

    1. Watson and Crick disproved Darwinian Evolution in 1953, but some people still must believe in "mythology & folklore," because we're still discussing it, still trying to get the correct information out to dispense with an infinite number of lies that develop around the myth called evolution.

    The mechanism for Darwinian Evolution was discredited in 1953 when Watson and Cricks discovery of DNA refuted Darwin's assertion that the possible variation was infinite thereby disproving the common dissent aspect of Darwin's Model.

    2. Crick says the human genome cannot occur randomly. If life cannot occur randomly, evolution in the past is impossible. Proof enough.

    3. Evolution relies on abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is empirically proven false over and over, and will remain false until it isn't. Abiogenesis violates the natural universal law of biogenesis--life comes from life, not non-life. Abiogenesis is scientifically proven false. That means evolution has no starting point and is therefore non-existent.

    4. The Natural Laws pertaining to information hold that information is immaterial and that matter cannot bring forth anything immaterial. Yet the whole of the material universe contains vast amounts of information. To assert a materialistic explanation, it is necessary to demonstrate information arising from material interactions.. When we include DNA into the mix we are talking not just information but language - including syntax and grammar and complex algorithms. Not only can science not explain this but the Natural Laws pertaining to Information assert this type of information cannot be produced by matter or material interactions.

    This is yet another line of evidence that invalidates systematic materialism..

    5. Natural selection is well established but a common tactic is to point to evidence of natural selection and assert it proves common descent.. best to clarify Common Descent so everybody is talking about the same thing.

    a. The net product of natural selection is a loss of information - the opposite of what is needed to drive common descent.

    b. Gene knockout experiments have demonstrated once a gene is knocked out the cell uses other pathways to obtain what it needs. As a result there is no basis for natural selection to preserve the mutation, and good reasons not to.

    c. Experiments and observation demonstrate most mutations are not random but are the product of guided physiological processes - once again observation and experimentation contradict the evolutionary model's claims.

    d. Genes are not central and experimental evidence has demonstrated it is not the genes but other factors that determine body types - as all the selection in the world will not produce a novel body type because body type is not mediated by the genes.

    Mile high view the inferences used to argue evolution are almost compelling, but looking more closely they all fall through. Evolution fails because the more observations you make and the more data you gather the less viable it becomes. The point has been reached where those arguing for evolution sound more like the Greek Sophists than scientists!

    -- the Darwinist's have been comparing the genes but ignoring the organization and structure.. Looking at organization and structure they would have found that the genes for this or that protein was located on different chromosomes. Genomics is concluding that all mammals have a common compliment of proteins (and so genes coding for those proteins) but where those proteins are coded in the Genome varies from genus to genus. Building a tree of life taking into consideration where in the genome the individual proteins are coded and you have something completely different than just looking at individual genes. This is one of several reasons Genetics and genomics empirically disprove Darwinism.

    The simple fact is the more data that comes in - the less plausible Darwinism (any of it's forms) becomes. Were it not for the social and political aspects of the theory it would have been abandoned a long time ago.

  • 3 years ago

    Faith does not require proof. Proof is for scientists and judges and such.

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