Does the German are the victim of the World War II, does they have morally right to claim to be victim of war they waged themselves?

And what do you think about the Berliner, Prussian books currently in custody of Polish Jagiellonian University, in Krakow, the oldest Polish university and one of the oldest in Europe.

They hold Berliner collection(known as Berlinka in Poland) they got it by completely accident, it was hold in Lower silesia, to keep it safe from Allied bombing, and when Red Army together with Polish First Army stormed west toward mainland Germany, fleeing Wehrmacht left it in hiding, later Lower Silesia with former 3 rd. Reich eastern terrorises, was ceded to Poland according to Yalta Agreement. When the provisional government of Poland began to inventory what we got they found it, initially keep it out sight of our Soviet our "beloved" fraternal allied "Red Army" :mrgreen: later it was transferred to Jagiellonian library.

The Germans gently but firmly (though in my opinion brazenly) demand the return of this collection as the property of the German people, but our Polish authority, in my opinion, is absolutely correct that first let the German people (as in Nazi :P ) give what they stole from the Polish people :D


In my opinion, it is very annoying that the Germans, depict themselves as poor victims of World War II, the war they themselves uncovered, in my opinion it is despicable.. Take, for example, a movie like "The Woman in Berlin" about poor Germans raped by Red Army soldiers, but no one mentions Polish, Russian, Belarussian or Russian, not mention Jewish women raped by brave ubermenschen from the Waffen SS and Wermacht, so it's nothing bad if untermanchen treat Germans the same way

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    Not all Germans were Nazis. Soldiers were conscripted by the millions, and were cynically used by the leadership. There is a scene in the German war movie "Stalingrad" that illustrates this perfectly. A commander pointed out to his troops that God was on their side because it even said so on their belt buckles. So yes, at least some Germans were victims, and the children under 10 certainly were.

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    Confusing question because of really poor grammar. If you mean do German citizens have the moral right to claim to be victims of WWII. Since the war ended 72 years ago, there are few who were alive and ADULTS at the time of the War.

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    Not everyone in Germany supported Hitler or the war. A volunteer soldier aware of the atrocities being committed and willingly doesn't really deserve much sympathy, but civilians, children, women who were victims of the war, do.

    Probably the Germans have a claim on the books. If they are written in German....

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    Clearly if you are morally right to waste your time worrying about this, then they a morally right to think anything they want.

    Move on, there is nothing to see here.

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