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Why is the world so dark and wicked? With mankind being at the height of corruption, should it be destroyed?

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    God's word says, "After several thousand years of corruption, man has become numb and dull-witted, a demon that opposes God, to the extent that man’s rebelliousness toward God has been documented in the books of history, and even man himself is incapable of giving a full account of his rebellious behavior—for man has been profoundly corrupted by Satan, and has been led astray by Satan that he knows not where to turn. Even today, man still betrays God: When man sees God, he betrays Him, and when he cannot see God, so too does he betray Him. There are even those who, having witnessed God’s curses and God’s wrath, still betray Him. And so I say that man’s sense has lost its original function, and that man’s conscience, too, has lost its original function. … Born into such a filthy land, man has been severely blighted by society, he has been influenced by feudal ethics, and he has been taught at “institutes of higher learning.” The backward thinking, corrupt morality, mean view on life, despicable philosophy, utterly worthless existence, and depraved lifestyle and customs—all of these things have severely intruded upon man’s heart, and severely undermined and attacked his conscience. As a result, man is ever more distant from God, and ever more opposed to Him. Man’s disposition becomes more vicious by the day, and there is not a single person who will willingly give up anything for God, not a single person who will willingly obey God, nor, moreover, a single person who will willingly seek the appearance of God. Instead, under the domain of Satan, man does nothing but pursue pleasure, giving himself over to the corruption of the flesh in the land of mud.

    from “To Have an Unchanged Disposition Is to Be in Enmity to God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

    None actively seek out the footsteps or appearance of God, and none wish to exist in the care and keeping of God. Rather, they are willing to rely on the corrosion of Satan and the evil one in order to adapt to this world and to the rules of life the wicked mankind follows. At this point, the heart and spirit of man are sacrificed to Satan and become its sustenance. Moreover, the human heart and spirit become a place in which Satan can reside and a fitting playground for it. In this way, man unknowingly loses his understanding of the principles of being human, and of the worth and purpose of human existence. The laws from God and the covenant between God and man gradually fade away in man’s heart until man no longer seeks or pays heed to God. As time passes, man no longer understands why God created man, nor does he understand the words that come from the mouth of God or realize all that is from God. Man begins to resist the laws and decrees from God; the heart and spirit of man become deadened. …"

    from “God Is the Source of Man’s Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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    The World is doing just Fine, and the Parasite will Destroy themselves as Usual; Darkness is under the Ground, and in the mighty Seas and Oceans. maybe you Should Visit your Optometrist. And Steer clear of Wicked People, Mankind are really no Threat they are made in the Image of your God. No as Comfortable Evil; as still in it's Imagery. 1012 / 2017.

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    The world is also light and good. Each morning when the sun rises and the birds set off on their dawn chorus, my heart lifts. Later my son brings his baby son over and his little face is full of love and innocence.

    That's my experience.

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    I don't think it is a dark and wicked place.

    America and N Korea are pretty dark and wicked towards each other at the moment, but that hardly accounts for all mankind.

    In fact if America and N Korea were destroyed no one else would care much.

    The rest of the world could then live our lives in peace safe in the knowledge that two idiots with the power and ability to kill us all were no longer a problem.

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    Dark? modafoqa this i heaven compared to dark ages. The only things you notice is bad because youre so foccused on that. Thats called being biased , theres good too, there yin on the yang, shut up

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    The world is in the state it is in because we live in a world that is tainted with sin due to the Fall of Man. God could destroy humanity if He wished to, however He has promised to reconcile all people back to Him via Universal Reconciliation so that we can be with Him in Heaven forever as He loves us.

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    We are living in the last days as the Bible bring out Please read 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

    The Bible uses the expression “last days” to refer to the concluding time period leading up to a divinely appointed execution that marks the end of a system of things. The Jewish system with its worship built around the temple in Jerusalem experienced its last days from 33 to 70 C.E. What occurred then was pictorial of what would be experienced in a greatly intensified way and on a global scale at a time when all nations would be facing the execution of judgment decreed by God. The present wicked system of things, which extends worldwide, entered its last days in 1914, and some of the generation alive then will also be on hand to witness its complete end in the “great tribulation.”

    What indicates that we today are living in “the last days”?

    The Bible describes events and conditions that mark this significant time period. “The sign” is a composite one made up of many evidences; thus its fulfillment requires that all aspects of the sign be clearly in evidence during one generation. The various aspects of the sign are recorded at Matthew chapters 24, 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21; there are further details at 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 2 Peter 3:3, 4, and Revelation 6:1-8. By way of illustration, we will consider a few outstanding portions of the sign.

    “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom” (Matt. 24:7)

    There will be food shortages . . . in one place after another” (Matt. 24:7)

    “There will be great earthquakes” (Luke 21:11)

    “In one place after another pestilences” (Luke 21:11)

    At the close of the first world war the Spanish flu swept around the globe, claiming upwards of 20 million lives and at a rate unparalleled in the history of disease. Despite advances in medical science, a heavy toll is exacted every year by cancer, heart disease, numerous sexually transmitted diseases, multiple sclerosis, malaria, river blindness, and Chagas’ disease.

    ‘Increased lawlessness accompanied by a cooling off of love on the part of the greater number’ (Matt. 24:11, 12)

    A leading criminologist says: “The one thing that hits you in the eye when you look at crime on the world scale is a pervasive and persistent increase everywhere. Such exceptions as there are stand out in splendid isolation, and may soon be swamped in the rising tide.” (The Growth of Crime, New York, 1977, Sir Leon Radzinowicz and Joan King, pp. 4, 5) The increase is real; it is not merely a matter of better reporting. It is true, past generations had criminals too, but never before has crime been as pervasive as it is now. Persons who are up in years know that from personal experience.

    The lawlessness referred to in the prophecy includes contempt for the known laws of God, a placing of self instead of God at the center of one’s life. As a result of this attitude, divorce rates are skyrocketing, sex outside of marriage and homosexuality are widely accepted, and tens of millions of abortions are performed every year. Such lawlessness is associated (in Matthew 24:11, 12) with the influence of false prophets, those who set aside God’s Word in favor of their own teachings. Heeding their philosophies instead of holding to the Bible contributes toward a loveless world. (1 John 4:8) Read the description of it at 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

    “Men become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth” (Luke 21:25, 26)

    “The fact is that today the biggest single emotion which dominates our lives is fear,” said U.S. News & World Report. (October 11, 1965, p. 144) “Never before has mankind been as fearful as at present,” reported the German magazine Hörzu.—No. 25, June 20, 1980, p. 22.

    Many factors contribute to this global atmosphere of fear: violent crime, unemployment, economic instability because so many nations are hopelessly in debt, worldwide pollution of the environment, lack of strong and loving family ties, and the overwhelming feeling that mankind is in imminent danger of nuclear annihilation. Luke 21:25 mentions ‘signs in sun, moon, and stars, and roaring of the seas’ in connection with the anguish felt by the nations. The rising of the sun often causes, not happy anticipation, but fear of what the day may bring; when the moon and stars shine, fear of crime makes people stay behind locked doors. In the 20th century, but not before, planes and missiles have been used to send destruction streaking down from the heavens. Submarines carrying deadly loads of missiles prowl the seas, just one such submarine being equipped to annihilate 160 cities. No wonder the nations are in anguish!

    ‘Christ’s true followers to be objects of hatred by all nations on account of his name’ (Matt. 24:9)

    This persecution is not because of political meddling but ‘on account of the name of Jesus Christ,’ because his followers adhere to him as Jehovah’s Messianic King, because of their obeying Christ ahead of any earthly ruler, because of their loyally adhering to his Kingdom and not becoming involved in the affairs of human governments. As modern-day history testifies, that has been the experience of Jehovah’s Witnesses in all parts of the earth.

    ‘This good news of the kingdom preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness’ (Matt. 24:14)

    The message that would be preached is that God’s Kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ has begun to rule in the heavens, that soon it will put an end to the entire wicked system of things, that under its rule mankind will be brought to perfection and earth will become a paradise. That good news is being preached today in over 200 lands and island groups, to the most distant parts of the earth. Jehovah’s Witnesses devote hundreds of millions of hours to this activity each year, making repeated house-to-house visits so that everyone possible is given the opportunity to hear.

    To what do all these events of “the last days” point?

    Luke 21:31, 32: “When you see these things occurring, know that the kingdom of God is near [that is, the time when it will destroy the present wicked world and itself take full charge of earth’s affairs]. Truly I say to you, This generation will by no means pass away until all things occur.” (The “generation” that was alive at the beginning of fulfillment of the sign in 1914 is now well along in years. The time remaining must be very short. World conditions give every indication that this is the case.)


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    The phrase “the end of the world,” which appears in many Bible translations, can also be rendered as “the conclusion of the system of things,” or “the close of the age.” (Matthew 24:3; English Standard Version) It refers, not to the destruction of the earth or of all humanity, but to the end of the framework of human society.—1 John 2:17.

    The Bible teaches that “evil men will be done away with” so that good people can enjoy life on earth. (Psalm 37:9-11) This destruction will happen at the “great tribulation,” which culminates in the war of Armageddon.—Matthew 24:21, 22; Revelation 16:14, 16.

    Yes. The earth will still be here, for the Bible says that “it will not be moved from its place forever and ever.” (Psalm 104:5) And the earth will be filled with people, just as the Bible promises: “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.” (Psalm 37:29) God will bring about the conditions that he originally purposed:

    Paradise.—Isaiah 35:1; Luke 23:43.

    Security and prosperity.—Micah 4:4.

    Meaningful and satisfying work for all.—Isaiah 65:21-23.

    Freedom from disease and aging.—Job 33:25; Isaiah 33:24.

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    The Bible says it will be this way in the end times. It is Gods plan, to destroy the earth. That being said I will have to say yes, it should be destroyed. People think more of their money, than of God. People are running crazy, and out of control. Yes, this corrupt world should, and will be destroyed.

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    Uh... no.

    The world is actually more peaceful and the least corrupt it’s ever been. We haven’t had any global conflicts killing millions. Places like South America have transitioned almost completely from military dictatorships to peaceful democracies. Poor nations are now emerging nations.

    All of that seems to correlate with the loss of control religion has on governments and nations. If only we could solve that problem in the Middle East.

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    It's just a little cloudy right now. Rain in the forecast with 70% chance of snow later on this evening.

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