What does "halfway through fifth period" mean at following text?


on Monday the autopsy on Jason's body would take place and on Tuesday

halfway through fifth period, the first arrest would be made.

What does "halfway through fifth period" mean?

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    The school day is divided into sections called "periods."

    Each period is about 40 or 45 minutes long.

    There might be 6 periods in a day.

    Each period is a class on a certain topic.

    At the end of each period, students walk through the halls to get to the classroom of their next subject.

    Most students will have different schedules.

    This plan for the school usually for middle school or high school.

    For example, a student might have this schedule:

    1st period - English

    2nd period - Math

    3rd period - History

    4th period - Science

    < Lunch time >

    5th period - Physical Education (gym)

    6th period - Social studies

    Other periods of the school day are

    > Lunch break

    > Study hall

    > Gym ("physical education" called "phys ed")


    > Jason was so late he missed most of the first period.

    > Catherine had the "early lunch" -- right after 3rd period.

    > On Phyllis's schedule, gym class is the last period of the day.

    > Helen and her crush Phil had math together second period, and US History together during 6th period. But they didn't see each other at any other time during the school day. They even had different lunches ("lunch breaks")

    So your passage is saying that someone will be arrested right in school by the police. It says that this will take place during the 5th school period of the day. That might be the second-last period of the day, maybe around 1:30 or 2:00 pm.

    Every school district is different.

    In the US, schools are managed city by city, and are paid for by property taxes imposed on homeowners in that city.

    That means that two cities right next to each other might have two different plans for the school day.

    > One might have a period for music or art, and the other one not.

    > One might have gym every day, and the other one once a week.

    > The amount of money that each school board has to spend can vary greatly, depending on

    ~ The value of the property that is being taxed

    ~ The rate of taxation that the residents have voted to impose on themselves

    School days are typically short compared to European or Japanese school systems, and the school year is short too -- usually about 180 days of school per year.

    The school year starts in September and ends in June.

    There are 3 "recesses" of about a week

    > Spring recess

    > Christmas recess

    > Fall recess

    There are about 12 "long weekends" -- national holidays scheduled for Mondays, so that workers and students get 3 days in a row with no work or school.

    Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, and students have that day and the following Friday off.

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    Part of a conversation you overheard between two 13 year old girls in MacDonalds

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    Probably the fifth period of a school day that is divided into periods, each for a different subject, although you didn't give us enough context to be certain.

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