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What is the number of Catalan football clubs?

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    Football was introduced in mid 1800s to Catalonia by British sailors and students returning for studies from British.

    Currently in La Liga, 3 clubs from Catalonia region play football.

    FC Barcelona is one of the oldest clubs from the Catalonia. The team has never relegated from top division.

    RCD Espanol is other team. This team has good rivalry against Barcelona and it's considered as Derby over there in Spain. Espanol has missed top flight football only for 4 times.

    Girona is latest addition to La Liga. It got promoted from Segunda Division this year only. They are playing top flight football for the first time.

    Ongoing crisis over in Spain looks like these teams might changeover to other countries league. Barcelona looks to participate in Premier League next season which could make PL a lot more interesting. I am really looking forward to this move.

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