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Why celebrate Columbus day, and not Leif Ericson Day or Native American day?


Ericson discovered Continental; America, not the West indies, 400 years before Colombo. And, the Native Americans; thousands of years before that. Colombo was a savage, he enslaved then brought over slaves, killed, brought disease, and destruction of cultures.

Update 2:

Mick, a lot of Vikings were traders and explorers. Colombo enslaved, killed in in His name--is he any "better" than killing in a pagan god's name?


Update 3:

Gerald Best answer, But NA day is not an official holiday. I see why the Vikings didn't tell about their discovery, now. I heard Eric the Red named Iceland to keep people away (It is really beautiful in the interior, hot springs.)

Ill bet there is an unofficial Lief Ericson Day in Lindsborg, KS...

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    There were rumors of land in the western Atlantic, but Columbus was the first European to confirm it, return and spread the news all over Europe. The Viking Sagas were not known outside of Scandinavia at the time, and generally considered fantasy even there. While European fishing fleets had been exploiting the Grand Banks for more than a century, and the fishermen probably knew about the land and used it to dry their catch (and probably had some contact with the natives), it was an industrial secret. The fishing captains did not want their competitors to know were they were getting all that cod. By the late fifteenth century, though, it was sort of an open secret in the various European ports. A number of merchant captains, wanting an alternate route to Asia, took note of the rumors, and suspected the land to the West was Asia. Several merchant captains were trying to raise capital to mount an expedition to the western Atlantic to check out the rumors (no, educated people at that time knew the earth was not flat, so they were not worried about sailing off the edge of the earth). Columbus was simply the first merchant captain to get the financing, and make the voyage. He found land and returned to Europe where he blabbed the fishing industries secret all over the continent, and set off a number of other voyages by competing merchant captains.

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    Leif was a Godless killing Viking, Native's should have their day'

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    The government didn't assign those.

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    Why not celebrate Jack Daniel's Day?

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    I guess you don't know that in 1990 the President declared every November as Native American Heritage Month.

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    Leif Ericson may have stumbled onto America, but he did not "discover" it, meaning he didn't uncover the existence of lands west of Cape Verde to all of Europe. Christopher Columbus did that.

    Until Christopher Columbus landed on Hispaniola and on the coast of Central America and South America, all of Europe, including even the Norse as the Vikings had gone extinct, knew of no lands farther west than the Cape Verde Islands and the Canary Islands--at the time they didn't really know which islands were farther west.

    Anyway, that's why Christopher Columbus gets the credit for the discovery. His voyage led to the "uncovering" of the existence of new lands Europe did not know about and the almost immediate colonization of the New World, of the continents that would become known as the Americas.

    By the way, those who say that Christopher Columbus didn't land on the continent of North America are wrong. While it's true he did not land on the land that is presently the United States, Central America is part of the North American Continent. The North American Continent goes all the way to Colombia, which is where the South American Continent begins and is where the continental divide between the North American Continental Plate and the South American Continental Plate meet. So he did land on North America, the southern most part of the continent.

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    Google it.

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