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Warren Beatty or Marlon Brando?

Who was

Better Actor

Better Looking

More successful with women

You could say Brando was as he was married 3 times, was a father of at least 16 and had many romances such as Rita Moreno, Marilyn Monroe, Cynthia Lynn, Ursula Andress and others

Warren Beatty has claimed to have slept with thousands of women and unlike Brando was never a joke, Brando started as a film actor in 1950 and was basically a joke by 1963 so maybe Beatty is better


Since when was Brando Bisexual? he was a father 16 times, so he clearly dated women, don't see Beatty managing that

Update 2:

Darwin Porter's trash books do not mean proof of Brando's bisexuality, he liked Women

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    3 years ago
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    Better Actor - Marlon Brando

    Better looking - both of them were good looking when they were younger, but Warren Beatty looked better as he aged

    More successful with women - If you believe all the hype you read then it was Warren Beatty.

  • 3 years ago

    Marlon Beando was a much better actor.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Brando was the better actor

    Brando aged better than Beatty who looked weird with all the face lifts

    Warren Beatty had far more success with women than Brando who was bisexual (had an affair with James Dean)

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