Conservatives are famous for putting fascist in office... once in office they systematically take everyone's Freedom away. true or false?

Including their guns.

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    The term "conservatives" is too generalized and ambiguous to make a definitive "yes" or "no" answer to your timely question, Free. However, there is a book I can recommend that would support the premise of the question---to wit, that right-wing extremists in control of the off-course hidden-agenda Republican party take on a radicalized and possibly fascist extremism when they rig elections and snake their way into power.

    Jane Mayer (2017), "DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right."

    Even if Republicans enter politics as idealistic moderates or right-leaning moderates, the too-far right-wing party leaders and those behind-the-scenes evil-intent oligarchs named in Mayer's 2017 book, added to the theocratic COUP-seeking Heritage Foundation and its D.C.-based CULT The Family dirty tricks (Jeff Sharlet, 2008: "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power" and 2010: "C Street: The Threat to American Democracy") lock these would-be centrists out of their party under threat of running a primary opponent against them or withdrawing any monetary support for their campaigns---and bully them into toeing the "fascist" or fanatical GOP party line. Try not to be too hard on these moderates-in-hiding, but do demand that they show some backbone and stand up to the fascism within their party that has now resulted in a complete whack-job being at the helm who continues to pose a very clear and present danger to our already great nation: David Cay Johnston (2016), "The Making of Donald Trump."

    It is the GOP leaders and their dark-money anti-government (anti-regulations, anti-consumer protections, anti-civil rights, anti-women's rights, anti-oversight or checks and balances) corporate billionaires that must be BOYCOTTED by the American people who want to retain their of, by, and for the people country.

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    Trump is a Fascist?? HA HA LOL.. OMG you guys are out of your minds. No wonder Liberals have to take Psychotropic Medication and go on shooting sprees. You are all NUTS.

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    Fascist Trump is trying to take away

    1. a woman's freedom to choose abortion

    2. NFL player's freedom to protest racial discrimination

    3. local government's freedom to be sanctuary cities or states

    4. news reporter's freedom to report real news.

    5. the freedom of military personnel to wear clothes of the opposite sex

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