Mourning Joes?

When discussing the top baseball strategists in the game today, you will never hear Joe Girardi's name mentioned. Girardi got the job because he was available and because he emulated the late Wanker owner, Geo. Steinbrenner, by trying to be a pseudo-hard guy.

Joe Maddon is usually mentioned when during discussions about the top minds in the game, even though he tried to manage his team out of a World Series championship last year.

On Friday night Girardi ignored his catcher's plea to challenge the umpire's call the Lonnie Chisenhall was hit by a pitch. Replays show that the pitch struck the knob of his bat rather than Chisenhall, but Girardi ignored his catcher and let Chisenhall take a base to load the bases. The next batter hit a grand slam and the Wankers lost 9-8. Girardi admitted, after seeing slo-mo replays, that he screwed up.

Maddon brought AA superstar Carl Edwards Jr. into a game that Chicago led 3-1 last night and was unapologetic about the move even after Edwards was tagged for 3 runs in a third of an inning. Edwards was the loser as the Cubs fell 6-3.

The decision to use Edwards was a curious one because the boy was shelled the last time he pitched in DC -- giving up, ironically, 3 runs in a third of an inning -- yet Maddon wouldn't admit he screwed up.

If you were an owner, which Joe would you want managing your team?

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  • 2 years ago
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    2 years ago

    I'd want Maddon. In today's game the most important job a skipper has is managing the personalities of his players and keeping them both loose and focused. Those are tasks that are at odds with one another, and nobody excels at it better than Joe Maddon. His decision to use Edwards did not work out yesterday, but no manager pulls the right string every time. He knows his team better than anyone, including you and me, and he had to have had reasons for using Edwards in that situation.

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