Can someone simplify this for me? I dont get it.?

Know all the problems confronting the Roman Republic which contributed to his rise to power.

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    Know how Caesar exploited the internal problems of the Roman Republic to gain political power for himself. If you want to know more about the history, see the article at

    It's a lengthy article and you might like to focus on this excerpt from it:

    " Now that Caesar’s historical rise to power is accounted for, it is possible to examine it and formulate questions about his rise to power. For example, how was Caesar able to grasp power when the Roman Republic before Caesar was directly set up to prevent men like him from doing so? Also, how was he able to do it without more public uprising or really any loss of support? Well, the answers to these questions are quite simple and all involve timing. When Caesar was born, the Roman Republic was overwhelmed by its size and power and didn’t know how to control it all, which resulted in political corruption at home and resistance abroad. For example, political leaders of the time relied on money and fear to get their way into political office instead of truthful popular appeal. The Senate and consuls also rarely fulfilled the needs of citizens and failed to ensure political stability. Caesar was able to capitalize on all of these insecurities and use his political abilities along with his military capabilities to at least ensure himself power in Rome. However, this still doesn’t explain how he was able to set up the Roman Empire fundamentally different than the Roman Republic. Again, the answer to this question is also quite simple. Caesar used force and the Dictatorship provision in the Roman constitution to give him absolute power, with which he kept the Senate as a false body, but stripped most or all of its powers and transferred them to himself. Of course, Caesar had opposition-and he also had support, but by the time anyone knew what was going on, it was too late. The forces of politics and government, the role of a specific individual-Caesar, economics, and arts and new ideas had already taken their toll and they were all in Caesar’s favor".

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