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13 year getting wisdom teeth removed in 2 days?


Im 13 and i went to my dentist a few weeks ago because my mouth was hurting. They told me i had my wisdom teeth coming in and they said that it s uncommon to have 8 wisdom teeth but i do. I have 4 more wisdom teeth trying to get into the same spot as the current ones are in. It s not a mistake, they even showed us pictures. So far i have 2 in and they rescheduled my surgery for in 2 days. Im nervous what should i expect? How much will it hurt? How much school am i likely to miss? The reason why it was rescheduled was because i was in so much pain and they said that if we leave them in any longer i could risk serious infections and a lot more pain. My mouth hurts so bad right now that it gives me headaches and ear pain (not sure if that s from the wisdom teeth or not) what should i eat after the procedure? Will i be sleepy? Please help ASAP. I WILL BE AWARDING BEST ANSWER TO WHOEVER HELPS ME OUT THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any other advice about the surgery is welcomed. Thanks in advanced. 😉

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    well, they will probably use an iv to do general anesthesia - and then you wont know a thing until you wake up. they will give you gauze to stuff your cheeks with so you will look like a chipmunk for a couple days. you will have to change the gauze like once or twice, its basically for drainage and relieves pressure on your jaws. they will feel swollen and feel like you cant close your mouth all of the way, but that is normal. its just really sore and tender.

    you will be fine. I was freaked out and nervous, especially about the IV, but TBH you barely feel it. the needle is so tiny and by time they get it in and tell you to count back from ten, you might get to 8; lol. and then your out like a light.

    you wake up a little groggy and goofy but no pain. you go home, crawl into bed and stay there for a couple days...getting up to pee and take ur meds and sip on some soup but you will be sleepy because of the meds. I suggest sleeping as much as possible the first couple days. I also suggest having extra gauze!! I had to call my sister and have her go get me some because I couldn't drive because of the meds and I was crying because my jaw hurt and I threw my used gauze away and didn't have any to put in. I felt much better after the new gauze! lol. don't try to brush your teeth or floss or anything for the first few days - if you have to, rinse lightly with mouthwash, but don't let nothing get into the sockets of your wisdom teeth, even if there is stitches, to prevent infection. it why u want to sip on soup, apple sauce, anything you can swallow without chewing. Don't bother trying to chew anything, lol. You will feel much better on day 3.

    The pain is not the same kind of pain you are feeling now, but more like a really achy muscle. An achy muscle you cant rub....its annoying more than anything and you will be glad you get some pain meds to take away some of the ache. but it makes u sleepy.

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    Some of these questions are ones only the person doing the surgery can answer, and that's who you should be getting the advice from. Get your parents to call and ask them. They'll know whether you'll be sleepy and what you can eat after. No one can really tell you how much school you might miss because that depends on how you feel and we can't predict that.

    It's probably going to hurt some afterwards, but it sounds like it hurts quite a bit now. If you don't get the teeth out, it's guaranteed to hurt worse later. If you get the teeth out, it's guaranteed to hurt less later. Yes, indeed, teeth problems can definitely cause headaches and ear pain.

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    They will put you to sleep with anesthesia and perform the surgical procedure. You wont feel the pain during the procedure but you will be prescribed pain killers after your wisdom teeth have been removed. Just take them accordingly and you should be fine. You dont have to miss much school.

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