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Millionaire NFL players stopped protesting against American oppression. Why?

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people." – Colon Kaepernick

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    They got their attention, it got boring, they stopped, It's not like many of them are willing to loose their contracts over anything.

    Some new fad will pop up somewhere, and that will burn out too.

    You do not think these people are interested enough to undergo permanent personal suffering for a cause do you?

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    Reverend "God DAMN America," Wright was oppressed too ---

    retired as a multimillonaire to a mansion.

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    Many of them have realised that wwhat they were doing was not going to solve or fix any problems. Many of their peers spoke out against it and stated that what they were doing was not going to help solve any issues, and that you must actually work to fix problems, not just raise awareness and have someone else fix it.

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    they realize it's not economically viable anymore

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    2 years ago

    Who still watches the NFL?! Besides, the Dodgers are in the playoffs!

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      Indians will kick both their azz's

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