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Setting up own router in college apartment complex?

I live off campus at college in an apartment complex. We have a 3 bedroom apartment; I have 2 roommates. We have WiFi here included with our rent, but it's really terrible. When it's working, it's fine, but half the time I go on my laptop either the network is "limited" (no Internet access) or I can't even connect to the network at all. I'll spend a half hour playing around, troubleshooting, and then it will miraculously be fine.

But I do that every single day and I heard it's possible to set up my own router to improve the connection. Is this true? And if so, can someone explain in a very quick and simple way?

Do I just go to the store and buy any basic router and then set it up in my room?


We have our own WiFi just for our apartment (just the 3 of us). But it's not that it's slow; it's that the Internet provider just is terrible and has frequent outages. When the network is working, it's fast. But half the time the network "cannot be connected to" at ALL, by any of us.

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  • Bort
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    2 years ago

    If you have an ethernet port somewhere in your wall, that is how to do it. Connect your personal router to that port with an ethernet cable, then connect to your router's wifi instead of the complex's wifi.

    While, if you do have an ethernet port somewhere in the apartment that will work and what I explained will definitely enhance the amount of bars you get to the wifi it will not guarantee that when the complex's main router screws up you're still going to be able to connect.

    The answer I suggest you consider is getting your own internet. It will be waaaaaayyyyyyy more reliable than the complex's connection for several reasons, the main one being what you described and another reason being that if there are a lot of people connecting to it and it's a DSL connection it will get bogged down and be slow. You won't have these issues if you call an internet provider and have your own internet connection activated. If you have cable television channels, that's not usually provided by an apartment complex included in the lease agreement, getting your own connection is as simple as calling the television company and telling them you want internet included in your account's package.

  • 2 years ago

    Do you have your own WiFi or is it shared by everyone in the apartment complex. If it’s shared by everyone then there’s not much you can do unless the manager decides to upgrade and get more bandwidth. Think of it as a 4 lane highway. If only a few people are on it, you can go at least speed limit. But let’s say that a football game just ended and everyone is driving home. You won’t go the speed limit. That’s the same with internet. If a bunch are people are using it, it’ll be slow.

    If you have your own modem then you might be in a dead zone. If that’s the case, a range extender or booster will help. It could also be your roommates. If all 3 of you are streaming HD content then it’s going to be slow. If you want it to be faster, then 1. Upgrade to get more bandwidth or 2. Wait until the roommates get off.

    • E
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      2 years agoReport

      We have our own WiFi specifically just for our apartment (us 3). But it's not that the Internet is slow; it's that the provider has frequent outages (or apparent outages). During these times, none of us are able to successfully connect to the network.

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