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Need a place to study LATE AT NIGHT?

SHORT STORY: I cannot work/study at home late at night and need somewhere to go.

LONG STORY: I am in a rather specific situation: I go to school early in the morning, and I get back late at night (around 10:30PM). I live with a few other people in a small house together leaving VERY little room to function (there is room to cook and sleep), but there isn't a lot of room to work on my assignments at home or study when I need to. There is a common area in the house, but it is so small and cluttered and people often sleep there. My issue is that I have almost no where to do my school work once I get home late at night because most people are asleep and there just isn't any room.

Here's the catch, I also need wifi, because most of my assignments require some online portion. I am looking for suggestions for places to go that I can study/do school work after 10:00 for at least 3 hours.

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  • drip
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    Why not study on campus. Common areas around dining halls are open late.

    McDonalds, and some coffee shops and diners are open 24/7. Our McD has wifi, as do a lot of coffee shops.

    Why are people sleeping in the kitchen/common area??? Do you not have bedrooms? Only people who on the lease and pay rent should be sleeping in your home. You should be able to use your kitchen/common area anytime. .

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    if you have a car you could study in there. i'm also sure there's parks open late at night for you to do your work. i would recommend the library but i'm not sure if they open past 12 but the one at your university/school might. you could try a friend's house as well...

  • Laurie
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    3 years ago

    Most university libraries are open very late, if not all night. Check it out.

    Some libraries even rent study carrels in which you can lock your belongings between study sessions.

    Why are people sleeping in the public area? If you pay rent, you have a right to object to this practice. ANYBODY who sleeps there should be paying rent.

    Do you have a hallway or porch? You can use a portable table, and run a lamp cord under the door, and study in the hallway or porch. I once set up a study carrel in a CLOSET.

    Good luck.

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