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Who are/were rich and wealthy diplomats?

Who are/were rich and wealthy diplomats?

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    Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy Sr. (September 6, 1888 – November 18, 1969) was an American businessman, investor, and politician known for his high-profile positions in United States politics. Kennedy was married to Rose Kennedy. Three of their nine children attained distinguished political positions: President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963), Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1925–1968), and longtime Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy (1932–2009). He was a leading member of the Democratic Party and of the Irish Catholic community. He was appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to be the first chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and later directed the Maritime Commission. Kennedy served as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1938 until late 1940, when he annoyed Roosevelt by his pessimism about Britain's survival.

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    Rex Tillerson is one.

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