Compare/contrast Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing?

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  • John
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    3 years ago
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    i'll start with contrasts since that's easier. zelda is an action adventure game series with a focus on combat and puzzle solving with an overarching plot with the end goal to save zelda and/or the world. animal crossing, on the other hand, is a life simulation series with a focus on collection, interpersonal relationships, and design (both landscaping outside and interior design in player homes). there is no true goal in animal crossing, it's whatever you want.

    but the two do have some similarities. money is important for both games, in zelda for buying supplies and healing items, and in animal crossing for buying items and paying off your home, so learning how to efficiently make money is important for both games. there are also many practical items in both games. link has things like his hookshot and bow to get around, solve puzzles, and the like. animal crossing has tools like the net and rod to catch things and shoot down balloons. also, besides the axe and watering can, i think link has had every tool from animal crossing at one point or another. finally, both games reward you for helping people. in zelda, these are scripted so you know the reward for each sidequest, but it's random in animal crossing. if i catch a fish for a villager, i have no idea what i'll get in return.

    i'd say an overall theme would be that while zelda is a journey of helping people over a large area to culminate with one grand good deed (defeating evil), animal crossing is about doing small things for your town and neighbors to make it a better place with no real ending since true perfection is unattainable. both games are about helping people but in different levels of scale

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