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How could so many people hate Hillary Clinton and vote against her when Barack and Michelle Obama love her and supported her?

Most Americans love Barack Obama and love his wife Michelle Obama, and most Americans thought Barack Obama was a really good President. So why didn't most Americans listen to the Obamas when they said that Hillary Clinton would have been a good President?

Also if Hillary Clinton is such a bad person, then why did so many celebrities and famous people love her and supported her during the election?

Here's a list of celebrities and famous people that love her and supported her:

Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel

Tara Strong

Robert Downey Jr.


Cyndi Lauper

Scarlett Johansson

Amy Poehler

Katy Perry

Steven Spielberg

Kate Winslet

Lady Gaga

Grey DeLisle

Josh Hutcherson

Jessica Alba

Beyonce And Jay Z

Jack Nicholson

Jim Carrey

Anne Hathaway

Seth Macfarlane

Oprah Winfrey

Taylor Swift

Anna Kendrick

James Cameron

Hilary Duff

Dakota Fanning

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

Blake Lively

Tobey Maguire

Lindsay Lohan

Billy Joel

Miley Cyrus

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mark Hamill

Cameron Diaz

Sarah Jessica Parker

AnnaSophia Robb

Eva Longoria

Drew Barrymore

Jamie Foxx

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Elton John

J.J. Abrams

Demi Lovato

Samuel L. Jackson

Sarah Silverman

Amy Schumer

David Hasselhoff

Robert De Niro

Jennifer Lopez

Lauren Faust

and so many other celebrities and famous people.

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    People are irrational.

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    A lot of us didn't like Obama. A lot of us are also sick and tired of celebrities telling us how to vote.

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    Well known fact, Barack despised Hillary , they didn't get along.

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    It was easier to write about Hillary Clinton when I hated her. ... In Barack Obama, I thought, America had the chance to elect a ... Hillary Clinton had ever done, from supporting welfare reform to voting for ... I know their case against Clinton. ... I worry about what Clinton's many flaws would mean for a potential .

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    Well known fact, Barack despised Hillary , they didn't get along.

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    And the Yahoo Answers Investigations into Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign loss continues.

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    celebrities and famous people really don't have any grasp on reality.

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    No, most Americans didn't "love and support" Obama.

  • Anonymous
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    You are joking, right?

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