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is there a way to see a doctor on the weekend who can diagnosis cancer such as non Hodgkin's lymphoma in Orange County ca?

rashes, loss of evergy, loss of appetite, headaches and pain all over. Esos super low, wbc high, and lymphocytes double what they should be. No mono's no basos.. I've been bed ridden for days, and not sure what to do as now I feel like my neck is swollen and have a new rash going up my neck.. I have a aunt who was just put on hospice for her cancer as her lymphoma went to non-hogkinds.. please help, as I am only getting worse here and emergency room won't do anything is they thing it's a lupus flare but I have had 3 biopsys done recently and lupus isn't showing up as well as Ana. Dr recently did advise ctd testing and waiting to get results back, but I feel like this is much more serious as my sister and dad have lupus and there flares come and go, but I'm progressively getting more sick. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Lymphoma is not diagnosed quickly during one visit over a weekend. A lymph node needs to be biopsied. This needs to be arranged with a doctor and planned for. It is not done in the ER. Sometimes, it can take a day or two for the results to come back.

    The ER is for treating emergencies, immediate situations. If you feel that something is needing immediate care, it is the place to go. But they will refer you back to your primary care or rheumatologist if they do think this is a lupus flare. They will evaluate for anything that needs immediate care, but again, they will refer you back to your primary care for anything needing follow up. I assume you are supposed to follow up with either your primary care or your rheumatologist about the pending testing and the symptoms.

    It's hard to not feel well and have to wait for answers, but it sounds like you are getting appropriate care and are plugged in with either primary care of a specialist caring for your lupus.

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    You are obviously a hypochondriac. You have no evidence that you have lymphoma. Grow up and stop posting these pity me rants over and over.

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    It will keep until Monday.

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    No chance of that happening over a weekend.

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    That kind of thing doesn't get diagnosed in 30 minutes or less. They have to do tests and getting results from them takes time.

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    No doctor can diagnose cancer without testing which will not likely be completed on the weekend.

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