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would this be a good road trip route for a second honeymoon? Across North America, Tropics to Arctic?

We were planning an awesome road trip for our second honeymoon and we want to cross North America from Key West in the Tropics to Cape Columbia in the high arctic. We have a list of destinations we want to see along the way.

Key West "see a coral reef and hear a conch trumpet sounding"




Panama City



New Orleans "See Jazz and swing music and dance"

Jackson MS "See the old south"

Memphis "See graceland and hear awesome rock music"

Cape Girardeau

St Louis "Hear the Blues"

Chicago "Hear the Blues"

Milwaukee "BBQ"

Minneapolis "Watch Avant Garde Dance, and Scandinavian Like Stuff, Mall of America, Waterfalls, Mill Tour"

St Cloud

Bemidji - Grand Forks "See lumberjack land"

Winnipeg "See a uniquely canadian city, Maple syrup"

Portage La Prairie "See Bison"

The Pas "Fur Trappers"

Thompson "wolves"

Churchill "Polar Bears"


Whale Cove "Beluga Whales"

Rankin Inlet

Chesterfield Inlet

Repulse Bay "Christmas Village like town"

Hall Beach

Igloolik "Possibly see real eskimos"

and then on up to the Fury and Hecla Strait.

(probably ferry across strait 10 kilometers wide)

Arctic Bay "Christmas village like town"

(probably ferry across northwest passage)

Resolute "Christmas Village like town"

(probably ferry)

Griese Fjord "Christmas Village like town"

then further north till we reach Cape Columbia which is the northernmost point in North America

"probably northern lights"

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    I answered this a while ago. There are no roads into the high arctic in Canada where you say. The only roads ate the Alaska Highway to Fairbanks and from there to the north slope. And the Dempster highway in the western arctic. Everywhere else in the arctic, people fly.

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    Have you ever seen Victory Garden on public television? It is filmed in Calloway Gardens in the Sandhill Region of western Georgia. It is beautiful with first class lodging and restaurants. Please consider staying there.

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    Do what floats your boat.

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