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Match the following:

1. first to declare act of Congress unconstitutional

2. led "Revolution of 1800"

3. President Jefferson s Secretary of State

4. sold Louisiana Territory to United States

5. explored the Louisiana Territory and points west

6. witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry

7. President Jefferson s Secretary of the Treasury

8. Federalist judge who wanted his commission granted

9. won the Battle of New Orleans against the British

10. War Hawks

11. won the Battle of Lake Erie

12. bought an empire instead of a city

Oliver Hazard Perry

Lewis and Clark

Andrew Jackson

Albert Gallatin

Thomas Jefferson

Francis Scott Key

William Marbury

James Madison


Calhoun and Clay

Monroe and Livingston

John Marshall

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    Oliver Hazard Perry-11

    Lewis and Clark-5

    Andrew Jackson-9

    Albert Gallatin-7

    Thomas Jefferson-2

    Francis Scott Key-6

    William Marbury-8

    James Madison-3


    Calhoun and Clay-10

    Monroe and Livingston-12

    John Marshall-1

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    2. Jefferson

    4. Napoleon

    5. Lewis and Clark

    6. Francis Scott Key

    8. Andy Jackson

    11. Oliver Perry

    Stand by for more....

    1. John Marshall

    3. James Madison

    7. Gallatin

    8. Will Marbury

    10. Calhoun/ Clay

    12. Monroe Livingston

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    Anyone with half a brain should know who at least half of those people are. FAIL. You could easily do an internet search for each name yourself and it shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes to answer the question. You might also learn something in the process, including what pride feels like. If you expect others to do your homework for you, offer money.

    • Ben2 years agoReport

      ur truly inspiring dawg im sure u have a very interesting fulfilling life and pull all kinds of bitches i hope i become more like u

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