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Is Princess Victoria and Daniel's marriage on the rock?

They did marry for love, but since some years ago it seems as if both were avoiding looking at each other's eyes in public. Just youtube Estelle's first day at school, Oscar's christening, Vic's name day, joint interviews, Christmases, etc. etc. The only exception was when they danced together at Carl Philip's wedding, but that's about all (and dance they must). Any news from Sweden's natives, maybe?

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    Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended the opening of the Swedish Parliament on 13th September and the photos I have seen show them as being all smiles.

    I have not read anything to suggest rocks.

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  • Lili
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    2 years ago

    Again, we aren't exactly inundated with participation from Scandinavians.

    Since Princess Victoria and her husband don't telephone to update us on their personal lives, no one here is in a position to say what's going on with their marriage. I might point out, however, that they had their second child, Prince Oscar, in March of last year, which was well after Carl Phillip's wedding in June of 2015.

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    • Your Majesty
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      This is a Royalty section so I don't need your permission to ask about Scandinavian ROYALS here. If there is no Scandinavian here to answer my question, let ME worry about that.

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