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Quick Surname Question...?

Quick question: out of these 5 names:

1.) Franklin

2.) Hunter

3.) Lincoln

4.) Matthew

5.) Sawyer

Which one do you think goes well with the surname “Slade” (pick the number, not the name)?

BONUS: Interesting middle name to go with it.

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    I think the given names you've chosen are laughably imbecilic and the surname is a forgettable monosyllable. If you could write worth a damn you could call your character "John Henry Smith" and no one would care, but then again, if you could write worth a damn, then you wouldn't be obsessing over something as trivial and inconsequential as a name, nor would you require the approval of strangers to select one. And all that effort expended for a story that will most likely never be written. And if by some miracle it does get completed it won't be seen by more than three people anyway. Off you go then to chronicle the adventures of Sawyer Aloisius Slade.

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    Slade Jay Franklin

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