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Will youthful offender help me look good in court or no ?

I’m so confused on what it does . . I got granted youthful offender and I have court in October for robbery 1st .... this is my first time ever getting trouble with law ..... I just don’t wanna be in jail. I just hope I get probabtion if anything .

I’m a female & I live in Alabama


Forgot to mention that this case is going to grand Jury ....

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    Typically a youthful offender will receive a much lighter sentence...if any...than an adult offender. That's all. If this is your first offense, it's very unlikely that you'll get any jail time. More likely you'll have probation or community service.

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    2 years ago

    That status means you can maybe get rehabilitation or probation instead of jail. It also means the record may be sealed once you turn 21, if you decide to behave yourself.

    Take this as an opportunity to learn what you need to do to live a good, stable life and consider yourself lucky that you live in a state that has this youthful offender status.

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