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Life diet question?

Okay so for 3 years I was on a very intense diet that I loved. However breaking that routine drove me crazy but deep down I really did want to stop it because it s not something that s a sustainable in the sense of lets say going on vacation with family eventually getting pregnant and just enjoying life basically. I was letting it get in the way of everything and it literally just became all about that. Now that I ve been off it I ve been having ruminating thoughts going back to it and it s been driving me nuts I don t know what to do. I hate breaking routine but that s life. Currently I know what I want to do but the problem is my body is still used to the other routine which consisted of eating restrictive Monday through Saturday and then Sunday having a cheat day. My body misses the cheat day and I don t want it anymore. Can anybody help me how can I make this stop.

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    I have always dislike cheat days, I think it is a stupid idea.

    Your body can get into a routine where it is quite happy, a cheat day spoils that.

    Me I went 20 years not eating breakfast or lunch and wouldn't even feel hungry until late afternoon when it was approaching my mealtime, then I retired and started eating breakfast with my wife, now the pounds are adding up, but I find it hard not to eat breakfast now.

    Before I could eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted, between the hours of 5pm and 9 pm and stay slim, fit and active.

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