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"Ad-guard ' prggram I downloaded 2 weeks ago now has told me that my trial has expired and wants me to pay $ 20 to buy it..should i?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Get Malwarebytes antimalware, Superantispyware and Spybot search & destroy.

    The first two come from sites with the same names, the third from "Safer Networking".

    There are free versions of all. Either don't enable the trial [if offered] or turn it off when it expires & stick to the free ones.

    Use the "innoculate" facility in Spybot; that adds firewall blocks for known malware spreading sites.

    And do a scan with each at least once a week..

    Also get "Adguard adblocker" - that seems to be the best browser one at present.

    You need exactly one, good, antivirus - but you can also have several adware/malware scanners and those three above are the best you can get.

    Run ccleaner weekly as well to get rid of just that accumulates and slows the machine down.

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    3 years ago

    No you should not. Use Ad Block Plus.

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