Are there any vape pens that use regular batteries(AA, AAA, D, etc) rather than rechargeable lithium ion batteries?

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    3 years ago
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    If you are buying batteries for a vape you need to besure to be authentic non-knock off batteries from a reputable company.

    My GF uses mods with built in batteries and has had great luck with them from Innokin and Wismec if you want easy of use. I have had eLeaf mods with built in batteries and replaceable 18650's batteries. I find that my mods where I have replaceable 18650 batteries are still working.

    The batteries I use are LG HG2's of Efest 35amp. I have had great luck with them. Just make sure your builds or coil healds you use are 0.25ohm or above and you should be safe if you are using the proper batteries

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