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How can one search for a term in American History?

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    All books in the library are arranged by subject using the Library of Congress classification system for call numbers and subject headings. The main call numbers for history begin with “D, E, & F”. The basic breakdown is as follows:

    CT21 – CT9999 - Biography

    E151 – E889 - United States History (General)

    E184.5 - E185.98 - African American History

    E441 - E453 - Slavery in the United States. Anti-Slavery Movements

    E456 - E655 - The Civil War, 1861-1865

    E668 - Reconstruction

    F406 – F420 - Arkansas

    The numbers that follow these beginning letters relate to the narrower scope of the item, for example: the call numbers F406-420 represent books about history in Arkansas, and the call numbers F856-870 are for books about history in California.

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    I first learned of a song in the mid fifties from a older musician who played it before 1920 and he stated that he learned the song again from older musicians who played it in the late 19 hundreds and their story was that it came to America on the May Flower thus the title “Over the Waves“. So I am wondering if there is anyway to search in American folk history if there was any reference to the term “Over The Waves” before the productive years of Juventino Rosas (1868 - 1894) who is given credit for writing this Melody

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