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How much are Los Angeles teachers paid if they have a masters degree?

I've been thinking of getting my masters in education but I'm wary of the low salaries teachers have to deal with. I've also been thinking of moving to LA, which made me look up how much teachers make there.

I found this salary chart for teachers with regular credentials:


In the bottom right hand corner, it lists the starting salary for teachers with masters degrees at over $80k!!!! I know the cost of living in Cali is high but I think that is a decent salary. I'm surprised to see it so much higher than teachers with just a BA degree. It seems like a much more drastic difference than other states/school districts.

I also see another section that says teachers with masters degrees make a differential of $584 annually. Is that in addition to the higher salary? I don't understand.

I guess my question is....am I reading this right??? Can teachers with a masters degree really make over $80k in LA?

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    The average salary for an elementary teacher in California is close to 60K. However, LAUSD is over 80% minority and some of the schools are in neighborhoods that are not safe. By the way, you need a California Teaching Credential which you must apply for. If you have a credential from another state it may be reciprocal, if not you may have to do some college work to get the credential, By the way, I think you are misreading that chart. It may be what administrators with MA's get as a starting salary. I worked for LAUSD and only got that differential.

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    According to the US Labor Bureau the average wage is $68,620 for teachers with a post-graduate degree in the LA area. Based on your chart you can expect an increase of $584/year above the starting wage.

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