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Parking at Bainbridge Island Ferry?

I m going to Seattle and staying on Bainbridge island. I am hoping to take the ferry from the island to Seattle, but want to park before getting on the ferry (I don t need the car in Seattle). Is there an easy place to park at the ferry terminal? If so, where and how much?


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    Yes, there's a paid parking lot next to the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal. The cost of parking depends on how long you're planning on leaving your car in the lot. If it's a day trip to Seattle, it will cost $11. If you're leaving the car for multiple days, it will cost $15 per 24 hour period.

    I've never parked here, but I do know that this ferry route can get busy during be prepared with a plan B just in case the parking lot is full. There are a lot of spaces, but if the lot does fill up, you might have no choice but to take your car on board the ferry and then find parking in Seattle.

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    Check the web site (google maps, etc), because I have never paid attention when I used the ferry. [ But there "must" be, because there is a huge amount of foot traffic that commutes over to work in Seattle. ] It may be north of the ferry holding lot. There is a building the foot traffic goes through. Do not park on the streets.

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    I think there is parking there, although it might just be load lanes. Even if it is load lanes there is a street a few hundred feet from the ferry with an antique store on it that you could park on. I do not know what happens if you park overnight.

    I have taken this ferry a few times.

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