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Are rivolvers really good against bears?

Why don't they just use .45 ACP pistols to protect them against bears? Rivovers take too long or are hard to reload.

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    A .45 ACP is well known to just ricochet off a bears head and pi$$ them off.

    Even .357 mag.

    Take down a bear with a revolver, use .44 mag or .500 nitro.

    Autoload handguns are just very poor hunting guns.

    Why reload at all, if you can't kill a bear with one shot, best you don't even try and stay away from bears.

    I am not into killing animals anyway.

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      ^ Too many video games and internet info.

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    Yes, a 125 Grain .357 Magnum JHP has better penetration and diameter than a .45 at anything more than 20 feet.

    If you wait to shoot a bear until it is that close you have lost your ability for a second shot. Probably why many states ban hunting with semi's.

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    The spelling is revolvers, and I don't see why not.

  • Anonymous
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    What the ACTUAL FUC­K is a rivolver?

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