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Is it a bad idea for actors to have personality?

In music you've got Tupac, Kanye these guys are vulnerable but it's not like we get to see Brad Pitt or Laurence Fishburn going Gucci at the Gucci store. You don't see Leonardo DiCaprio or Jamie Foxx going on rants in interviews like Kanye did. Would Lee Strasberg even approve such vulnerability

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    Everyone has a personality regardless of their occupation.

    Performers on a professional level have a "brand". Professional acting/singing/ performing is a business. A "brand" is part of the business and marketing - some loud and brash and others more quiet. Tupac and Kanye have one type of brand. Pitt, Fishburn have a different type of brand. Doesn't mean one has more personality or less "vulnerabilulity" (not exactly sure what you mean by that).

    Since Strasberg was focused on the craft of acting and not the business, I don't think he's have much to say on the business end of things.

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    People having personality isn't 'an idea' at all.

    Everyone has their own unique personality.

    Actors are just people, like everyone else.

    I don't understand your apparent comparison between personality and vulnerability.

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