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Is this website a good idea or is it illegal?

So I want to call this raffling but at the same time I do not want to. In this website, 2 people ( do not worry there are lots of spaces open for millions to join) will pay 1$ for a chance to win 1.50$. Example: Rachel and John both pay 1$ to compete against each other. Their names will appear on a spinning board. Whoever's name the arrow lands on will win $1.50. So the winner just made 50 cents. This is just a very small example. It could be between 10 people, in which the winner receives 5$ or it could be between 100 people. Is this illegal? To make the understand that winner is not my friend, there would even be a spinning board with their names on it. People could be making money from this website. Just imagine, look at the first example i gave. The chances of you winning the extra 50 cents is 50 percent but think about if you keep winning. You can make dollars and dollars. Please do not go all out raging if this is illegal. I am only 16 and I am trying to learn and get information. Thank you.

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    That is operating an illegal lottery or gambling. You need a special license from the state and the federal government. It might not be illegal for your customers, but it is a felony for you to setup, advertise, or operate the website, or to accept money (or anything of value).

    A state (or tribal) license is very hard to get, and a federal license is almost impossible.

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    Probably illegal

  • Burgoo
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    2 years ago

    This is gambling, or at least a raffle. It would be illegal without appropriate licenses from your jurisdiction.

  • Mark
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    2 years ago

    You would have to apply for a games of chance license in your state.

    • catfood
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      The likelihood of a minor being granted a gaming license will be nil.

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    it's gambling and it's a heavily regulated industry.

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    Its technically gambling, which would be illegal in some places.

    Also, on this plan alone you the site owner wouldn't be making any money.

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