Who is better in karate? Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan? And Why..?

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    2 years ago
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    Neither. They both have studied numerous martial arts and have added what they learned to their life long study of martial arts. One exception is Jackie Chan is he studied at The China Opera School and went to do theatrical WuShu where Bruce learned boxing and Wing Chun and was a Hong Kong Cha Cha dance champion. Bruce started his acting career early in life. Where Jackie started later. Jackie Chan even studied much of the same martial arts as Bruce.

    Bruce formed his own martial art Jun Fan Gung Fu and later abandoned it. Than later he formed his conceptual philosophical martial science Jeet Kune Do.

    As far as I know Bruce never studied Karate and Jackie did. But Bruce trained with (both learning and instructing) some of the who's who in acting and martial arts.

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  • 2 years ago

    They are kunng fu experts, not karate.

  • David
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    2 years ago

    As has already been pointed out... NEITHER Jackie Chan nor Bruce Lee EVER DID KARATE!!!

    Karate is an Okinawan/Japanese Martial Art.

    BOTH Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee are/were Chinese

    (Actually, little known fact... Bruce Lee was only 75% Chinese, he was 25% German on his mother's side)

    More importantly, neither of them have had any training in Karate, so... you cannot compare who was better at something neither of them ever did.

    What you are probably referring to is which one of them was better at Martial Arts/Fighting...

    Both Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are trained in Chinese Martial Arts. Specifically, they were both trained in a traditional style of Kung-Fu (also sometimes referred to as Gung-Fu and/or Wushu) called Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a close-combat style of Kung-Fu that utilized close-quarters striking with punches, knees, elbows, and kicking (primarily to the legs and knees).

    Before Bruce Lee came to the United States he trained in Western Boxing, and after moving to the United States he studied several other Martial Arts, specifically... Fencing and Judo. Then. he invented his own Martial Art that he called "Jeet Kune Do," which in English translates to "The Way of the Intercepting Fist." Jeet Kune Do was a combination of Wing Chun style Kung-Fu, Western Boxing, Fencing, and Judo, with a heavy focus on breaking away from anything and everything that was rigid and formalistic, emphasizing on making it practical in scenarios of chaotic street-fighting.

    Jackie Chan idolized Bruce Lee, and out of admiration of Bruce Lee, he studied Jeet Kune Do for many years, in addition to his classical training of Wing Chun, as well as a variety of other styles of Kung-Fu. Jackie Chan also became a black belt in Hapkido, which is a Korean Martial Art that focuses on pressure-point strikes, joint locks and throws, kicks and hand strikes, and some weapon training. Like Bruce Lee... Jackie Chan also studied Judo, but as far as I know never earned a Black Belt (Bruce Lee may or may not have earned a Judo Black Belt I've never been able to find confirmation on that either way).

    So... you could argue that they both had VERY SIMILAR training.


    It is true that both of them have been in fights. Specifically, Bruce Lee was widely rumored to have beaten up Taekwondo Black Belt Burt Ward (who played Robin in the old Adam West Batman TV series) in a real fight, as well as a private match with Kung-Fu master named Wong Jack Man, and supposedly others, although details on that are sketchy at best. Bruce Lee also dabbled on tournament point-fighting, and reportedly sparred with various people. Jackie Chan on the other hand, has no known fight experience outside of sparring matches he has had in training.

    The point is... NEITHER one of them were fighters!!! They were/are MOVIE STARS!!!

    I could make a movie, where 5,000 people attack me, and I beat them all up... it doesn''t mean I could do anything remotely like that in real life, or that I can fight at all!!! Movies are pretend!!!

    Because Bruce Lee had all these rumored "real fights," because he invented a more practical kind of martial art, and because he was so massively influential as a pioneer of Eastern Martial Arts in America and the World... people have elevated him to an impossible mythical status, where they really think he could beat ANYONE in a fight. These people are silly, and there is no reasoning with them.

    Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee also were extremely athletic, fast, and build powerful bodies through martial art training, and lifting weights. That in combination with all the skills they acquired over the years means that they could probably beat the overwhelming vast majority of people in a one on one fight, but AGAIN... I want to stress the fact that they are MOVIE STARS... NOT FIGHTERS!!! In their respective absolute primes, they would be annihilated by just about ANY MMA/UFC fighter you can think of! And, also probably... by men who were/are extremely larger, stronger, taller, and/or athletic than they are.

    As far as who would win a fight between the two of them... I think it would be very interesting. If we are talking about both them fighting each other in their absolute primes... Jackie Chan is noticeably taller, bigger in general, more muscular, and probably stronger than Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee, however, was noticeably faster, leaner (more ripped), had incredible cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and was probably more athletic overall. That together with the fact that Bruce Lee had more real fight experience than Jackie Chan, would understandably give Bruce Lee the edge. I think you would have to favor Bruce Lee to win in a real fight against Jackie Chan, but that doesn't mean that Jackie Chan wouldn't have a chance! He might be able to pull off a win! It would be entertaining for sure to see how that plays out!

    But, I think the odds are in favor of Bruce Lee winning a fight.

    If we are talking about who is the better Martial Artist... I would again favor Bruce Lee as he was an innovator and a pioneer!

  • Paul
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    2 years ago

    the question is retro meaning your "assuming "hes still alive in his prime and heathly

    no need to qualify this but for all the morons who cant read between the lines

    in a sentence ...close call but bruce was leagues ahead of his time and still today

    with all technology he would still reign supreme head and shoulders

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  • 2 years ago

    Jackie Chan knows Wing Chun, Pak mei and eagle claw kung fu but, there could be other type of kung fu that he know that i'm unaware of.

    Most of what Bruce Lee knew came from the Wing Chun system. Bruce did practice for a short time in kwong sai jook lum (Southern Praying Mantis) and had a little Tai Chi experience, but other than that he was just a young hot headed cocky trouble maker, who was too young to grasp the true essence of kung fu.

    I would have to say that Jackie Chan would have kicked Bruce Lee's Asssss!!!

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  • Samus
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    2 years ago

    Neither of them did/do karate.

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  • 2 years ago

    Karate is a Japanese martial art.

    Bruce and Jackie trained in Chinese Kung Fu/wushu/wing chun.

    However I will sayJackie is better on the account that he is still alive

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    • JoKyoNim
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      2 years agoReport

      And FYI Bruce Lee was a great actor and innovator but he never even made it to the blackbelt level of Wing Chun. He left the school before than.
      I do have to say his knowledge was above average and he learned from some of the best in which art he did study or 'dabble' in

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  • 2 years ago

    I don't know about Jackie Chan, but Bruce Lee did not practice karate. He learned Wing Chun and western boxing. Later he developed another style. Jackie Chan is good but I have not seen anyone as talented as Bruce since he passed. Everyone born has at least one talent. Bruce's was martial arts. Jackie Chan is clearly skilled as well, but Bruce was exceptional. Everyone can improve their performance at any activity they wish to put effort into. But either you have it or you don't. Mr. Lee was better because of his genetic makeup.

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  • G
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    bruce lee was better but jackie chan is alive. bruce did more kung fu not karate anyways

    karate japan kung fu china.... so just trying to answer the question as full as possible.

    I like everything about Bruce better but Jackie is alive

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Jackie chan bc he's Jackie chan lol

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