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Baby boy name Everett or Benjamin?

Baby boy name Everett or Benjamin? We love classic, strong names. My hesitation with Everett is that my dad said it s old mannish and ugly. It reminds him of Earnie. Is it old and stuffy? I love Benjamin but I know people will shorten it to Ben which I don t like. I don t want to fight his name the entire time.

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    Everett is a beautiful, strong, and masculine boys name and I think it is utterly handsome. I don't think it is "old-man-ish" but I do see the vintage connection. It doesn't remind me at all of an Ernie/Ernest. In fact, I think the shortened nickname would be Rhett which is utterly handsome and reminds me of Gone with the Wind!

    I understand your hesitation with Benjamin if you do not like the nickname Ben. Inevitably, people will likely shorten his name - but if you do it yourself with another nickname that you like better - i.e., Benji? Jamie? or even just correct people by saying "his name is Benjamin" you can avoid this. However, if you don't want to fight his name his whole life, then here are some other suggestions that are similar in style to Everett & Benjamin:

    ♂ Emmett

    ♂ Sawyer

    ♂ Elliott

    ♂ Oliver

    ♂ Archer

    ♂ Wyatt

    ♂ Beckett

    ♂ Jude

    ♂ Samuel

    ♂ Levi

    ♂ Daniel

    ♂ Nathaniel

    ♂ Dean

    ♂ Thomas

    ♂ Joseph

    ♂ Adam

    ♂ Robert

    ♂ Noah

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    Everett is not old mannish. If anything, it's modern nowadays.

    Benjamin is a mouthful especially if you don't like Ben.

    I say go with Everett

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    Everett is a pretty name. Name him Everett Benjamin.

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    Everett a good name.

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    Benjamin, I don't like the name Everett at all

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    Everett is a good, strong name, that will serve him well as an adult.

  • A.L.
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    Benjamin is a good first name. I'd keep Everett as a middle name.

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