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Why do a lot of people hate J.J. Abrams, the film director?

A lot of people who love Star Wars don't like him. I know quite a few that did not love his version of Star Trek. There are rumors that he might direct Star Wars Episode 9 since the director left and people aren't happy about his name being brought up. Why do people hate him? Explain

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    People, like myself, are critical of Abrams because he is unoriginal. He also takes ridiculous dramatic license at the expense of believability for the sake of excitement. I think he is a good visual director, and can create interesting and exciting action scenes, but they are usually just stupid. He did not even try to create an original story for Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Wars 7 . He literally copied the storyline from previous successful films and cut and pasted different characters into the plots. Calling them reboots is a lame dodge. Nobody wants reboots of already successful movies that still stand on their own.

    Lets see him make a truly original and successful movie before he receives any legitimate critical acclaim.

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    Can you name one good movie- just one, one that will stand the cinematic test of time, that is, one that will still likely be watched and talked about in 40, 50, 60 and even 70 years time- that Jar Jar Abrams has made?

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    Abrams has one specialty... explosions. Lots of huge explosions. He has no idea what a plot is, or dialogue, or any other part of making a good movie. He just blows **** up and lets the rest of the show fail.

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    Science fiction should have something to do with actual science or cutting edge scientific theories. J. J. Abrams needs to get some scientific consultation when he does movies or shows. I can't remember the name of the show that I was watching but it started talking about making telepathic super drugs by mixing cocaine and special K. I said to myself, "This is as bad as that stupid Star Trek movie with that dumb red matter" and sure enough, it was a J. J. Abrams show.

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