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Do you think the Cubs' offense or the injuries are THE bigger concern for the Cubs?

I am more concerned about the Cubs offense than the injuries they've suffered that have affected their offense, because their hitters have gone through a few stretches where they simply stop hitting and producing and seemingly fail to execute in key situations.

If the Cubs are going to hold off the Brewers and the Cardinals and win the NL Central, then no doubt the hitters have to step up their performance on offense, until they get Contreras and Russell back.

Are you more concerned about the Cubs' offense or the injuries that have affected their offense?

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    Both. Injuries to Contreras, Russell and Zobrist have affected the offense. Bryant and Rizzo go in streaks. Baez and Heyward are unpredictable. Schwarber just closes his eyes and swings at anything. Happ is still learning.

    Scoring 12+ runs then losing the next few by 1 or 2 is a sign of offensive inconsistency.

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  • Kyle
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    2 years ago

    offense. even without the injuries, the Cubs offense has been struggling all year, especially with RISP. while the pitching in the first half didn't help, you still need to score runs to win games.

    i didn't expect the Cubs to win 103 games like last year, but I still expected them to take the division with 80 or 90 wins with a good lead. i think the race will need every last game for the division. we still face the Brewers seven more times this month. and even if we make the play offs, we won't go far with this team.

    i am not very confident in our play off chances right now. but, i'm taking it one game at a time, as i did last year. so who knows.

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