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What were living conditions like for whites that lived in British India?

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    A lady I knew arranged to marry a young officer who was stationed on the 'North West Frontier'. She was taken aside for a 'talk' by the colonel of the regiment. The first thing he told her was this:

    'Do you understand, that if you marry one of my officers, and join us here - you must expect that half your children will not survive infancy?'

    On one occassion one of her husband's sergeants set off home to his village on leave, taking his pay with him. He was accosted by a robber on the way. Rather than continue to his village, he returned to the base, where he placed the would-be robbers head on the breakfast table, and reported the incident to his officer. The lady I knew was most impressed. She used the story to make a point about the benefits of capital punishment. As she explained - "THAT man never tried to rob anyone again !"

    They were rather a 'different' generation.

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    The majority of British people lived a very nice life in india .

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    A mixture of curry and diarrhoea

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    No mullah, no happy.

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    Depends on how rich they were.

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    Pretty shitty.

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